Various quantitative and algorithmic trading concepts from our series of podcasts with experts from the industry.

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Journey of an experienced IT sales professional in algorithmic trading with Gilles Laurentin

A candid conversation with EPAT alumnus, Gilles Laurentin, and his journey into the world of Algo Trading. He shares his review of EPAT and QuantInsti as well....
6 min read

Candid Conversation | High-Frequency Trading (HFT) in India with Deepak Kaushal

A candid conversation on high-frequency trading (HFT) in India with Deepak Kaushal (Senior Data Scientist at iRage Capital)....
1 min read

EPATians' Share | Building an Algo Infrastructure by BNS Kumar

A Quant Trader with 10 years of trading experience, BNS Kumar, an EPAT alumnus, takes you through the entire process of building an Algo Infrastructure....
1 min read

EPATians' Share | Private Equity Secondary Markets by Rohit Gupta

This podcast explains the secondaries market and covers everything from the introduction, sellers, case studies to buyers, factors and all that you would need to know to get started....
2 min read

EPATians' Share | Trading is a Lonely Journey by Jigam Gandhi

Ep #4 of our series is EPATians' Share where EPAT Alumni Jigam Gandhi treads on the individuality of a trader and shares his experiences and learnings from his trading....
1 min read

Algo Trading Concepts | Time Series Analysis in Financial Markets with Vivek Krishnamoorthy

Episode #3 of our podcast features Vivek Krishnamoorthy (Head of Content and Research at QuantInsti) as our guest. We talk about the Time Series Analysis and how it can be applied to the Financial Markets....
1 min read

Algo Trading Concepts | Breaking Down the Myths with Nitesh Khandelwal

Episode #2 of our podcast with Nitesh Khandelwal (Co-founder and CEO, QuantInsti) is about going Algo, the do's, the don't, and breaking down various myths associated with Algorithmic Trading....
1 min read

Algo Trading Concepts | Deep Learning and its Impact on the Trading World

Episode #1 of our first podcast episode in our new series 'Algo Trading Concepts' where we talk about Deep Learning, neural networks and it's impact on the trading world....
1 min read