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The success stories of countless individuals from different geographies and backgrounds, and their journeys, reviews and experiences into the domain of algorithmic and quantitative trading through Quantra, conveyed in their own words.

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Quantra Reviews

Becoming a Quant at the age of 70 | Efueyo's journey from Spain

Can someone become a Quant at the age of 70? Read the inspiring story of retired Mechanical Engineer Efueyo, and how he achieved it....
1 min read

Rodrigo Scheuch | Brazil | Technical Analysis to Automating trading strategies using Python

Rodrigo’s story from Brazil explains his journey to learning to automate his trading, beginning with Quantra’s courses, going through Blueshift and more....
2 min read

Tine-Tarriro Matambo | South Africa | Learning Python for Trading

This journey towards algorithmic trading began by learning Python using the Quantitative approach. Learn all about South African Tine-Tarriro’s story here....
2 min read

Rene Appznoix | Brazil | Adding Python to a Programming Skillset

Rene, Brazil - added value to an excellent career of 40 years of programming and coding by learning Python for the workplace from Quantra....
2 min read

Serene Banerjee | India | PhD and diving into Deep Reinforcement Learning

The incredible journey of an Electrical Engineering Masters and PhD holder Serene, to learning Deep Reinforcement Learning....
2 min read

Heath Berg | United States | Leveraging discounts to learn Python for Trading

With a 27-year experience in IT, Heath shifted his career to Quant Finance during Quantra's summer sale. This is his story of how he did it....
2 min read

Jose Ferrer | United States | Software Engineering to getting started in Quant Finance

Being a Software Engineer aiming for Quant Finance, Jose Ferrer pursued his aspiration with Quantra. This is his journey....
2 min read

A CFA and an Entrepreneur - Hans experience learning Futures Trading

A glorious 35-year career with some of the leading banks, Hans became an entrepreneur and has his own firm. This is his story of learning Futures Trading....
2 min read

Accounting, MBA and Algo Trading - Manuel’s story

Being an accountant, doing an MBA, Manuel wanted to learn how to become a full-time trader and aspires to set up his own algo trading firm. This is his story....
2 min read

Daniel’s story of learning Python for Financial Markets

Daniel Martin is a Freelance IT consultant and hails from the beautiful country of Romania. This article shares his journey, from being the “Tech Guy” to learning Python for the Financial Markets....
3 min read