Top 10 Blogs on Machine Learning | 2023

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By Saloni Bogati

Successful trading requires sourcing, examining, and analyzing large data sets. But how does one navigate through all that data and come up with valuable information? And this is where machine learning becomes your trading sidekick. It can help by using algorithms and statistical models to study data and make informed decisions. It can also help recognize patterns to make predictions about future changes in the market.‌‌‌‌

Moreover, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is experiencing rapid growth in algorithmic trading. These advancements in technology have fundamentally reshaped the landscape of algo trading. To make well-informed decisions, it is essential to meticulously analyze both present and past market data.

AI and machine learning serve as valuable tools for analyzing data and generating accurate forecasts, facilitating informed trading decisions. But in order to use these phenomena in your trading you must learn how they function and how to utilize them. Hence, we have compiled a selection of some of the most effective study aids from the numerous options available. Here is a compilation of the top 10 blogs focused on machine learning.

Machine Learning Basics

According to a report by Grand View Research “The global machine learning market size was valued at USD 36.73 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.8% from 2023 to 2030.

Hence, the developing market demands various solutions to meet the expectations across industries. Before you learn any new concept you must understand its basics and then learn how to incorporate it in your ventures. Moreover, industries worldwide are increasingly adopting machine learning for their business operations.

As machine learning can predict outcomes without explicit programming, it proves to be an invaluable tool for traders. It is crucial to establish a strong foundation before incorporating machine learning into trading strategies. This blog serves as a comprehensive guide to machine learning for trading, making it essential reading for aspiring traders.

How are AI and Machine Learning used in Trading?

Nowadays, having insights into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) contribute to profitable trading is essential. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of AI and ML within the context of trading, offering a detailed understanding of their impacts, uses, and applications. Familiarizing yourself with the influence and applications of these technologies in trading is undoubtedly advantageous.

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners

Alan Turing, an English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, and cryptanalyst, surmised about machines that, “It would be like a pupil who had learnt much from his master but had added much more by his own work. When this happens I feel that one is obliged to regard the machine as showing intelligence."

This blog is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the basic logic behind some popular and incredibly resourceful machine learning algorithms for beginners used by the trading community, this blog is your one-stop shop.

This blog covers the following:

  • Types of machine learning algorithms
  • Top 10 machine learning algorithms for beginners
  • How to choose the machine learning algorithm?

Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading in Python: A Complete Guide

Curious about the hows and whys of applying Machine Learning algorithms to enhance your trading? This blog is designed to steer you toward the most valuable resources for understanding machine learning applications in the trading domain. You'll gain the capability to develop and implement machine learning algorithms for trading using Python as well as discover the prerequisites for constructing ML models along with free Python codes to assist you in your journey.

Machine Learning Classification Strategy In Python

Do you know what Tesla and Netflix have in common? Both companies’ CEOs prefer to follow the ancient philosophy of “First-principles”.

But why are we mentioning ‘first principles’ for a blog on machine learning?

Because the concept of ‘first principles’ is to try and break down a difficult issue into smaller parts and build your way up. Similarly, this blog works as a guide that takes you from the basics of machine learning to building a classification model in Python.

Understand Machine Learning Regression

Machine learning regression is an important concept for traders since stock price prediction is a part of trading. Almost all traders prefer to make a stock price prediction accurate enough to reap the benefits. Machine learning regression analysis is an efficient way to achieve the same.

Machine Learning Regression is a powerful algorithmic approach that predicts numeric outcomes based on historical data patterns. It's widely used for tasks like price prediction, stock market analysis, and more. By establishing a mathematical relationship between input variables and the target outcome, regression models enable data-driven decision-making in various domains.

Data Preprocessing: Python, Machine Learning, Examples and more

Data preprocessing is a basic requirement of any good machine learning model. Preprocessing the data implies using the data which is easily readable by the machine learning model. In this article, we will discuss the basics of data preprocessing and how to make the data suitable for machine learning models.

The article covers:

  • What is data preprocessing?
  • Why is data preprocessing required?
  • Examples of data preprocessing for different data set types with Python
  • Different date formats
  • Where can you learn more about data preprocessing?

Gold Price Prediction: Step By Step Guide Using Python Machine Learning

Is it possible to predict where the Gold price is headed? Absolutely! By employing machine learning regression techniques, it becomes possible to predict the value of Gold, one of the most valuable metals.

This blog offers a systematic guide to predicting Gold prices using machine learning in Python. It covers essential Python libraries, explores various concepts, outlines the creation of a linear regression model, provides Python codes, and scrutinizes the anticipated outcomes. For any trader, this is an essential read!

K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm: Steps to Implement in Python

ML techniques such as K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) are commonly used in trading applications. It is one of the simplest algorithms used in Machine Learning for regression and classification problems. KNN algorithms use data and classify new data points based on similarity measures.

In this blog, delve into the world of the K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithm from the machine learning domain, unveiling its potential to revolutionize your trading decisions. Brace yourself and explore the mysteries, advantages, and potential drawbacks of this incredible tool to elevate your trading!

Machine Learning Logistic Regression In Python: From Theory To Trading

This blog will acquaint you with the fundamental concepts of linear and logistic regression. It will guide you through the entire process, starting from installing pre-packaged Python Machine Learning libraries to employing the Logistic Regression classifier for predicting stock price movements. The comprehensive coverage extends to the development of ML models in Python and their practical application in the realm of trading.

Honorable Mentions‌‌

Machine Learning Classification Algorithms

Just like humans, the system will be able to perform simple classification tasks and complex mathematical computations like regression. It involves the building of mathematical models that are used in classification or regression.

To ‘train’ these mathematical models, you need a set of training data. This is the dataset over which the system builds the model. This article will cover all your Machine Learning Classification needs, starting with the very basics.‌‌

Reinforcement Learning in Trading: Components, Challenges, and More

This structured article focuses on describing the applications of reinforcement learning in trading and discusses the problem that RL can solve, which might be impossible through a traditional machine learning approach. Moreover, learn from examples to inspire you to explore the reinforcement learning framework for trading.

What can you learn from this blog?

  • What is reinforcement learning?
  • How to apply reinforcement learning in trading?
  • Components of reinforcement learning
  • Q Table and Q Learning
  • Key Challenges

‌‌Use Decision Trees in Machine Learning to Predict Stock Movements

Machine Learning for trading is the new buzzword today and some of the tech companies are doing wonderful unimaginable things with it. This article explains how you can predict stock movements (that’s either up or down) with the help of ‘Decision Trees’, one of the most commonly used ML algorithms.


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