Technical Analysis

Develop trading strategies utilizing technical analysis and backtest your concepts on historical market data. Learn from market practitioners who share their knowledge and downloadable files for free.

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Five Indicators To Build Trend-Following Strategies

Trend following strategies - which are the most popular ones, which technical indicator would be good for your trading, how to create your own trend following strategy, and a lot more covered in this detailed guide!...
11 min read

Top 10 Blogs on Technical Analysis | 2022

Some of our favorite technical analysis blogs from 2022 are listed below. A perfect guide and go-to source for students from beginners level to experts for learning about different technical indicators, methods, and strategies....
5 min read

How to Use Technical Indicators for Trading?

Know the basics of technical indicators and the difference between technical and fundamental analysis. Get started with your own trading strategy using popular indicators like RSI and Ichimoku cloud....
9 min read

The Ichimoku Cloud and Trading Strategy

A perfect read that explains all that you'll ever need to know about the Ichimoku Cloud, complete with a Trading strategy and downloadable code....
2 min read

Technical Analysis

Parabolic SAR - An Introduction

In the Parabolic SAR indicator tutorial, we will understand its application in trading. Furthermore, we will create a simple trading strategy using Parabolic SAR and Ichimoku cloud....
8 min read

Head And Shoulders Pattern

In this post, we will review the well-known technical analysis pattern called Head and Shoulders and we will analyze the trading rules that will allow us to take advantage of this price configuration to take a position in the market....
7 min read

RSI Indicator: Stocks, Formula, Calculation and Strategies

In this article, we will understand the RSI indicator along with a few trading strategies that can be implemented using them...
12 min read

How To Use Bollinger Bands

In this article, we will understand the Bollinger band indicator along with a few trading strategies that can be implemented using them...
8 min read

Strategy Using Trend-Following Indicators: MACD, ST And ADX [EPAT PROJECT]

Trend-following strategy based on the indicators like MACD, SuperTrend, and ADX coded in Python, which is a part of EPAT™ coursework at QuantInsti®....
10 min read