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Blindness couldn’t stop Pranav’s pursuit of Algo Trading

This is the journey of Pranav Lal, breaking all sorts of stereotypes of being 100% visually impaired, with his “Never give-up” attitude. He is a Photographer, Blogger, TEDx speaker, Consultant, and successful Algorithmic Trader....
12 min read

17 years of Engineering in Japan to Algorithmic Trading | Praveen Singh from India

Praveen Singh is an electronic trading professional with over 17 years of experience in information technology and investment banking. He has held vice president positions in global firms including Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Let's follow his venture into algorithmic trading....
7 min read

Guitarist, Entrepreneur, and now an Algo Trader | Akshat's story

From a lead guitarist in a band to stringing his new Fintech Startups, learn how Akshat has brought a new rhythm to his career with his performance in Algo Trading....
9 min read

Autocorrelation and Autocovariance: Calculation, Examples, and More

Autocorrelation and Autocovariance are essential in the time series analysis topic! This tutorial will guide you on their definitions, their computations and plotting using Python and R. Read now!...
10 min read

Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER): Formula, Calculation, and More

Real effective exchange rate (REER) is vital when it comes to trading. What is REER? What is the REER formula and how it can be used for real effective exchange rate calculation? This blog covers this, the FAQs, types and more....
9 min read

Introduction To Price Action Trading | Webinar

This session introduces you to price action trading. It covers several important price action trading tools such as supply and demand analysis, patterns, pivot points, etc....
1 min read

Moving Average Trading: Strategies, Types, Calculations, and Examples

Moving average is one of the most widely used technical indicators for creating the trading strategy. Explore the popular moving averages and the moving average trading strategies with this blog!...
18 min read

Combining Engineering and Technology with Finance: Raj's Journey

Raj Mahajan's journey from engineering into the world of finance where QuantInsti’s EPAT course helped him build skills for a career in algorithmic trading....
4 min read

Algorithmic Trading in India: Resources, Regulations, and Future

Algorithmic trading in India has amalgamated finance with cutting-edge technologies and is benefiting from developing regulations and a growing economy. This blog chronicles the past, present and future of algo trading in India and a lot more....
13 min read

Machine Learning Basics: Components, Application, Resources and More

Machine Learning basics, algorithms, concepts and techniques are the talk of the day! Machine Learning has dramatically altered every field. Dive into the basics of machine learning, and learn all about it....
13 min read