Machine Learning

Learn basics to advanced concepts in machine learning and its implementation in financial markets. Includes deep learning, tensor flows, installation guides, downloadable strategy codes along with real-market data.

12 min read

Forward Propagation In Neural Networks

Forward propagation in Neural networks implies that data flows in the forward direction, from the input layer to the output layer with a hidden layer in between which processes the input variables and gives us an output....

13 min read

Deep Learning in Finance

Learn all about Deep Learning, Models, Applications in finance and Future. Get a general overview of Deep Learning and its use in finance....

8 min read

Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

Exploratory Data Analysis helps us become familiar with the data we are using to solve the problem statements by using various tools and methods. Today, we look at histograms, scatterplots, box-plots and more in this blog....

12 min read

Principal Component Analysis in Trading

We will try to understand the principal component analysis and its application in trading. We also understand Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors along with covariance, which is used in Principal Component Analysis....

15 min read

Introduction to Support Vector Machines

In this article, we will understand how support vector machines work and its application in trading. We will also go through the maths behind the SVM and the process of using it in a non-linear model....